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About Us

ِAdawa Tools is one of the leading companies in the field of e-commerce specialized in selling from companies to customers to enable small companies to provide their services to customers in the Iraqi market more broadly. Distinguished and fast while providing the highest level of after-sales services to be the most visited site in the field of retail from companies to customers via the Internet in the Republic of Iraq.

Our Mission

We are keen to provide the best purchasing experience to gain the confidence of our customers in the entire Republic of Iraq, so we always try to make every effort to build an electronic shopping site that combines several levels of satisfactory professional work for all groups, whether they are customers, vendors or employees, not only to contribute to improving the economy of our beloved country, Iraq. It's also to encourage everyone to do so.

Why join ِAdawaTools ?

1- We seek to exchange marketing knowledge, especially regarding e-commerce, and support all our partners to acquire and support them in acquiring the necessary expertise to achieve the maximum benefit from our electronic selling platform and to achieve maximum profitability for partners and to benefit from our various products for customers as well as for the staff and help them develop their skills by working in several different jobs within the company .

2- On the internal scope of the company, we fully realize the importance of professional work and increasing the number of employees for the company to grow more and more and to better serve customers.

3- We will work to make Tools Tools one of the fastest growing start-up companies in the field of e-commerce from the moment of its launch in Iraq.

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